Angelique-Ellise Mangoba

Angelique-Ellise Mangoba

In March 2018, at the “6th Annual Honoring Women’s Veterans” event at Las Positas College in Livermore, California, the Valley Veterans Foundation presented their 2018-2019 “Women in STEM” scholarship in the amount of $5,000 to Angelique-Ellise Mangoba.

This annual scholarship opportunity is open to all women veteran students pursuing science, technology, engineering and mathematics-related majors of study or certificate programs at Las Positas College.

Recipients must have been discharged in good standing from their branch of the military and maintain a minimum GPA in their field of study in order to be considered. In addition to scholarship money, recipients benefit from the guidance of a career counselor and financial advisor during the year in which they use the scholarship funds.

Ms. Mangoba began her education following her discharge from the Army in December, 2015. She is currently pursing Engineering Technology studies at Las Positas College and anticipates transferring to a four-year university to ultimately obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.

Mangoba first identified her intended career path through career aptitude testingprovided by the military’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program. She then discovered her specific field of study through the “Operation Gateway” program at Las Positas Collegein 2016, hosted by the college’s Veterans First organization.

“Taking part in this program turned out to be the best decision I could have made,” Mangoba said. “I’ve found out over the course of the Engineering Technology programthat I enjoy the classes mandatory for the degree. This makes me feel confident inmyself and I anticipate the same results at the university level.”

In addition to her studies, Mangoba has interned as a Mechanical Technician at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which she said has further inspired her. “I’velearned so much from the internship alone that I feel it has prepared me the most for myupper division classes and my future career goals,” she said. “Being able to apply myclass lessons at work and vise-versa is pretty cool.”