Destiny Goddu

Valley Veterans Foundation awarded its first Women in the Military STEM Scholarship to Livermore veteran Destiny Goddu during the “Honoring Women in the Military” event at Las Positas College. Goddu, who received $10,000 to further her education, served as an aviation electrician in the U.S. Marine Corps and is currently enrolled in the engineering technology program at LPC. She also interns as an engineering technologist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and is involved with veterans groups at LPC and the lab.

Goddu wrote on her scholarship application, “I really struggled in the beginning finding my identity as a woman and a veteran. I was used to working harder to prove myself against a group of men. I came close to allowing other people to negatively affect my education until one day I realized I was stronger than that. I found council in strong women, and with their support, I continued to excel in my courses. This really tested my character and made me want to fight harder to establish the path for all the women to follow in STEM majors.”

As a United States Marine, Destiny worked on missile guidance systems.  She is currently enrolled in the Engineering Technology program at Las Positas College and is working part-time at the Lawrence Livermore Lab in their Veterans to Technology program. While working at the Lab she is involved in the building of X-ray sources that verify diagnostic operations.

According to Destiny “there are not a lot of women in STEM careers and women veterans in STEM are even more rare.” She is looking ahead to finishing her degree at Las Positas College and further her education in engineering.

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